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The Massage Stick is a Hit

Thus far, I have been impressed with how physical the teams in Argentina were. I was expecting them to have the technical skills, but these guys are not afraid to get stuck in as well.

Currently, I am traveling on a bus from Santos to Sao Paulo, where we will play our first match in Brazil, after our match against one of the FC Santos teams yesterday got rained out. I am thrilled to see what the Brazilians have to offer, and hope my legs feel just as sore tonight as they felt after the first games in Argentina.

Working on regeneration has been relatively easy. I have brought my travel stick and a stretch rope. The bus ride back from a training session or a game I try to utilize for some deep tissue massage with the stick, and while a few of my teammates were poking fun at me for that in the beginning, it has become a hit among many of them: I now pass it on after I am done and am lucky to see it again later that night.

In the evenings, I like to use some of the other tools and get some good AIS in before heading to bed. The little amount of regen work I am doing here has allowed me to perform well despite the nutritional challenges and the cold I have been fighting since the beginning of this trip, another result of being caught off guard by the late fall in Argentina.

If you are interested in hearing more about the daily events of our trip, you should check out the blog of our Sports Information Director, who is on this trip as well, at kyleleach.wordpress.com.

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