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There's Always a Way to Train

ndanger / flickr

After two weeks of finals, I had arrived at my winter break location in Tucson, Arizona and I felt ready to start preparing for the Boston Marathon. So I got out my new running shoes, an early Christmas present to myself, and decided to try them out.

Not even half a mile into my run, I realized my shin wasn’t ready yet after the stress fracture I received about two months ago. And it wouldn’t be ready for the official beginning of my training plan a week later.

I was furious. I had gotten sick of the stationary bike and aqua-jogging and had no motivation to do any more of the same. But when I read Mark’s blog post here, I had a light bulb moment: I was in biking heaven—Lance Armstrong has done his winter training in Tucson many times. And since biking is low-impact, my shin would be fine. That’s all I needed to get some extra motivation. I can’t wait to attack some of the trails out here, and maybe even dare to bike up Mount Lemmon to view the incredible sceneries.

Tags: College, Mountain Biking, Race, Attitude, Leisure Time