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Well at Work

Employees Motivated to Work Harder When They Feel Appreciated

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Want to keep your employees happy and motivated? Show your appreciation. Employees who feel their work is appreciated and recognized by their boss are more likely to work harder, according to a new study by Glassdoor, an online career site.

Glassdoor surveyed 2,044 adults over the age of 18. Of those surveyed, 891 were employed either full- or part-time. They found that 80 percent of employees are motivated to work harder when they feel appreciated, compared to 40 percent of employees who felt motivated when their boss was demanding or because they feared losing their job. Employees who valued appreciation also said that they'd be more likely to stay at their company longer if their work was appreciated by their boss.

While the majority of people preferred financial incentives, 46 percent said unexpected appreciation in the form of lunch, dinner, or thank you notes would make them feel appreciated. Twenty-four percent also said holiday parties or happy hours sponsored by the company would show appreciation. Participants also noted that they would enjoy no-cost appreciation like involvement in decision-making processes, career development opportunities, or recognition in a meeting or company newsletter.

"There is a wide variety of ways to show employee appreciation that can go far towards keeping employees satisfied, engaged, and retained," said Allyson Willoughby, Glassdoor's senior vice president of people and general counsel. "Even inexpensive forms of appreciation, like thank you cards and treats, or offering flexibility like telecommuting, show employees you value them."

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