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Employers Supporting Employee Weight Loss as Obesity Rises

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Nearly 42 percent of adults are expected to be obese by 2030, and companies are looking for ways to curb their employees’ growing waistlines, according to a new survey by the National Business Group on Health [MedPageToday.com].

The Large Employers’ 2013 Health Design Survey, which drew responses from 82 companies with 81 percent of those companies having more than 10,000 employees, found that in 2013:

  • 78 percent will cover on-site coaching or management tools for weight loss.
  • 44 percent will offer support groups at work.
  • 34 percent will provide on-site weight management programs.
  • 70 percent of employers support weight loss surgery.
  • 79 percent plan to cover gastric bypass surgery.
  • 70 percent plan to cover laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding.
  • 49 percent said they’ll cover FDA-approved medications for obesity.

“It’s encouraging that the obesity epidemic in this country is getting more attention,” says Craig Friedman, vice president of performance innovation at Athletes’ Performance. “The medical approach is a one dimensional answer to obesity, while a more effective solution is based on a solid foundation of behavior upgrades and education. Core Performance designs programs to promote weight loss through healthy behaviors while also improving vitality and energy, decreasing pain, and creating a healthier environment and future for ourselves and our children.”

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