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Well at Work

How Companies are Mixing Work with Workouts

Hemera / Thinkstock

With employee wellness programs on the rise, employers are looking for innovative ways to make wellness easy and accessible to employees. One company, American Traffic Solutions, Inc. went as far to install an indoor track [WallStreetJournal.com].

To beat the summer heat, the Tempe, Ariz., company turned hallways into an indoor track around the office and break room. They marked it with posters, arrows, and signs to encourage employees to move throughout the day.

Leading insurance company Humana also took a creative approach to wellness. They designed some of their office buildings around the company's wellness goals by placing stairwells strategically for the best views and sunlight to encourage employees to skip the elevator. Some Humana offices even installed walk stations, treadmills with laptop hookups, to encourage employees to work and walk.

“For wellness initiatives to succeed, companies need to first meet employees where they are—in the break room, on the manufacturing floor, or in meetings,” says Craig Friedman, vice president of performance innovation at Core Performance. “Then, they need to design a program that encourages simple strategies within that employee’s work environment. A program designed for office workers isn’t going to appeal to or succeed for warehouse employees.”

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