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How to Create a Pull-Up Challenge in Your Office

Just another day at the office for the Core Performance team.

You don’t need a gym in your office to organize a fun fitness challenge. Pick up an inexpensive and portable door-mount pull-up bar and follow the steps below:

A Few Days Before the Challenge

Start by sending out a meeting invite to ensure that everyone’s calendar is free and that people know an event is coming. If possible, choose a Friday or a light work day so that the maximum number of employees can attend, participate, watch, and cheer. Entitle the meeting invite simply—just say “Pull-Up Challenge” and then for location, write “more details to follow.” That way people don’t have to sign up on the spot, and you can let suspense build throughout the week.

One Day Before the Challenge

The afternoon before the contest, send out a more formal, fun invitation that both gets people excited about the contest and sets forth the rules that will be used for judging. If you don’t create the rules, participants will create their own: that isn’t fun for anyone. Make sure the rules are clear and concise, and recruit one or two people to help with judging. The invite should be light-hearted and fun. If it is too sarcastic or calls individual people out, it will feel more like a frat house hazing than an office challenge that everyone can enjoy. And finally, make the process for signing up clear so that individuals interested in participating can sign up beforehand.

For people who don’t want to participate, find out if they are interested in being involved anyway: having someone in charge of music, a DJ, a photographer, or videographer, and a cheering squad are all ways to help everyone be an instrumental part of the pull-up challenge.

The Day of the Challenge

On the day of the contest, make the rounds in your office to generate excitement, answer questions about the contest, and encourage people who are on the fence to enter. Make sure the bar is set in place and that the area is clear of any potential hazards.

Put every participants’ name on a sheet of paper and place all the names in a baseball hat.  Pulling names out of the hat not only increases the dramatic nature of the competition, but also prevents people from trying to game the system or bribing you to get a prime spot in the line-up.

Rocky theme music is optional, but encouraged, and finishing the contest up with a big round of applause for everyone brave enough to participate is an absolute must. If you have photos from the event, post them in the office or send them in an office email to congratulate everybody on their accomplishments.

The Day After the Challenge

Set the stage for the next challenge by sending out a meeting invite for the following month’s challenge, accepting input from your co-workers for suggestions, improvements, and new ideas.

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