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Well at Work

Meeting Tip: Sit to the Right of the Person You Want to Impress

Michael Blann / Thinkstock

The next time you’re headed into a business meeting, make sure you’re sitting to the right of the person you want to impress. That’s because scientists at Wake Forest University concluded that the left side of a person’s face is more active than the right, showing more emotion and appearing more pleasant and aesthetically pleasing to others.

Interestingly, because people's pupils enlarge or dilate in response to interesting stimuli, the researchers were able to confirm their findings by measuring participants’ pupil sizes. They found pupil size increased along with pleasantness ratings.

The study’s authors suggest turning your head slightly so that you show more of your left cheek—and less of your right cheek—when being photographed or while in conversation. The research was published in the journal Experimental Brain Research.

Tags: Work, Attitude