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Well at Work

People Who Take the Stairs are Fitter and More Productive


If you spend your days crisscrossing an office building, here’s another reason to hit the staircase instead of the elevator—it’s quicker! A new study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal analyzed hospital workers as they traveled from floor to floor throughout a typical workday. Interestingly, the researchers concluded that taking the stairs took just over 13 seconds per floor, on average, while the elevator took around 36 to 38 seconds (including the time spent waiting for it to arrive).

The bottom line: Taking the stairs saved almost 15 minutes a day (a 3% savings on an average 8-hour workday), translating into improved productivity as well as increased fitness. After six months, the employees could experience about a 12 percent increase in aerobic activity from the additional activity and substantial improvements in body fat and lipid markers, suggests the research. Not to mention, more efficient work habits.

Tags: Health, Walking, Work