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Study Finds Binge Eaters are Less Productive at Work

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Employees who binge eat are less likely to be productive, according to a new study by Wellness & Prevention, Inc. [WellnessandPreventionInc.com].

Researchers evaluated Health Risk Assessment (HRA) responses of 46,818 adult employees. They found that 9.4 percent of employees reported binge eating—overeating combined with a sense of loss of control. Based on the data, researchers estimated that for a company of 1,000 employees, binge eating led to an annual productivity loss of $107,965.

Frequent binge eating was the third highest health risk associated with productivity loss, right behind depression and stress. The study also noted that obese employees were more likely to binge eat (17.8 percent) than their non-obese counterparts (5.5 percent).

“For employees to reduce their binge eating habits or stop binge eating completely, they need to understand how food plays a role in their life,” says Amanda Carlson-Phillips, vice president of nutrition and research at Core Performance. “If we can change employees’ perception of food and get workers to view food as a way to fuel their body for performance, we can significantly curb binge eating in the workplace and increase productivity as a result.”

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