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Survey: American Employees Skipping Vacation Days for Work

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Did you take all of your vacation days last year? If so, you're in the minority among workers whose companies offered paid time off, according to researchers at Glassdoor, an employment website. 

Researchers used data from a Harris Interactive Poll of around 2,000 adults that asked employees about their vacation habits in 2013. They found that: 

  • 25 percent of employees took all of their vacation days
  • 15 percent of employees didn't take any of their vacation days
  • 50 percent of employees who took their vacation still worked during their time off
  • 78 percent of employees receive paid time off
  • 22 percent of employees don't receive any paid time off

If you took your vacation last year, good for you! You're likely happier and more relaxed than your non-vacation taking counterparts, according to research from the Society for Resource Management, which revealed that human resources professionals believe employees who use their vacation experience more productivity, better performance, increased engagement, and higher levels of job satisfaction.

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