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Well at Work

There’s No Place in Business for Bullying

iStockphoto / Thinkstock

Regardless of whether you’re being bullied at work, simply entering an office environment where a co-worker treats others poorly is enough to make you quit, found a new study in the journal Human Relations.

When researchers at the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, surveyed 357 nurses, the results showed a statistically significant link between working where bullying was going on and a wish to exit the company.

“We could predict turnover intentions as effectively either by whether someone was the direct target of bullying, or by how much an environment was characterized by bullying,” say the study’s authors. “We tend to assume that direct, personal experiences should be more influential upon employees than indirect experiences only witnessed or heard about in a second-hand fashion. Yet our study identifies a case where direct and indirect experiences have a similarly strong relationship to turnover intentions.”

The authors theorize that although individuals may experience moral outrage at others being bullied, the bigger issue is that they find the situation extremely unfair and frustrating.

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