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Well at Work

What Stresses You Out at the Office?

Comstock / Thinkstock

Seventy-three percent of office workers are stressed out by at least one thing at work, according to Everest College’s 2012 Work Stress Study [CNBC.com].

Researchers surveyed 898 employed adults over the phone. Here’s what they found are people’s main stressors at work:

  1. Low pay
  2. Annoying co-workers
  3. Commuting
  4. An unreasonable workload
  5. Not working in their chosen career field
  6. Poor work-life balance
  7. Lack of advancement opportunities
  8. Their boss

The study also found that of the people who said they had no stress at work, 37 percent had household incomes of more than $100,000. Researchers also found that women were more likely to have stress than men, and that the older people got, the less stressed out they were at work.

For tips to manage stress at work and stay productive, read “How to Reduce Job Stress.”

Let us know your biggest work stress and how you deal with it in the comments.

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