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Why Employers Should Want Employees to Use Vacation Days

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Just because an employee is skipping vacation days to work, it doesn't mean they're being more productive or they're more satisfied at work than employees that take all their allotted vacation time. In fact, a majority of human resources professionals believe that employees who use their personal time off are happier and more productive, according to a new study from the Society for Resource Management.

Researchers surveyed 481 human resource professionals for the study. When asked how taking vacation time would impact their employees: 

  • Nearly 75 percent said employees would experience higher levels of job satisfaction
  • 72 percent said employees would be more productive
  • 69 percent said employees would perform better 
  • 67 percent said employees would be more engaged

"It's important for managers and company leaders to see the value in employees taking a vacation," said Lisa Orndorff, manager of employee relations and engagement at the Society for Human Resource Management. "They should also encourage their people to use their leave, 'unplug' if possible and take a break from the work, even if it's just a day or two every few months."

While the benefits of taking vacation time seem worth the time away from the office, researchers found that 61 percent of the organizations they surveyed reported that employees average three or more unused vacation days per year. If a rollover option for vacation time wasn't available, employees were more likely to use their time off. 

Two-thirds of the organizations surveyed don't offer a rollover option for vacation time and reported that 80-100 percent of their employees use all of their allotted vacation time. In organizations with rollover plans, only 31 percent of employees use up all vacation. 

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