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Health News: Fruit Linked to Lower Diabetes Risk

A new study found that eating fresh fruits helps lower the risk of Type II diabetes.

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$250 Billion: The Nation’s Annual Bill for Job-Related Injuries and Illnesses

A new study shows that the cost of job-related injuries and illnesses is greater than previously thought.

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Bone Health: It’s Not Just for Seniors

The body’s bones erode gradually over time. Here are three ways to keep your bones strong and healthy.


Can You Limit Sitting and Sleeping to 23 ½ Hours a Day?

Dr. Mike Evans of the University of Toronto explains how a simple action can significantly improve the quality and length of your life.

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Physically Demanding Work: Fatal for the Unfit

New research shows that on-the-job exercise is not enough.


The Pros and Cons of a Gluten-Free Diet

Are you considering going gluten-free to lose weight? Our nutritionist weighs the benefits. Discuss.

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4 Things Men Should Know about Prostate Cancer

Dr. Aaron Katz, author of The Definitive Guide to Prostate Cancer, offers his tips to help you stay healthy.


5 Ways to Prevent Kidney Stones

A 24-hour urine sample can reveal a lot about your diet. Here's what our writer learned.


4 Health-Boosting Teas to Drink Right Now

Brewing a few cups of tea a day could help improve your health. We explain which teas are best.

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Tis' the Season for Cocoa, Colds, and...Coronaries

Shoveling snow in frigid weather can increase the risk of a heart attack for some folks.

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The Altruistic Workout

Feel better and live longer with a revolutionary approach for taking care of your ticker.

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Strong Thighs, Healthy Knees

A new study found that strong thighs can decrease the likelihood of painful knee arthritis in women.

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Minimize Stroke with Exercise

A recent study shows that people who are more physically active bounce back better after a stroke.

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Extensive Physicals Save Young Athletes' Lives

New research shows that in-depth physicals can help spot serious heart problems in young athletes.


Sugar's Scary Side Effects

Taking in way too much sugar can send your blood pressure soaring, according to a recent study.

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Are We Drinking Too Much?

Follow along (or join with) as writer Joe Kita begins his newest health-boosting experiment: drinking less alcohol.


A Drink a Day Won't Keep the Doctor Away

A new study shows that cutting back on beer and liquor can help you maintain good health.

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Tylenol May Weaken Flu Shot

Read this before getting a flu shot for you or your child to get the full benefit.

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A Smoker's Car is a Smoking Time Bomb

A new study found that riding in a smoker's car may be even worse for your health than you might think.

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New Book on Raising Healthy, Active Boys

An interview with child psychologist Dr. Anthony Rao on what it takes to raise a healthy boy in today's society.