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New Documentary Explores the "inGREEDients" in Our Food

Filmmaker David Burton talks about the discoveries that link America's food to illnesses, and how it should affect what you eat.


Does Your Salmon Dinner Have Mad Cow Disease?

New research on how to choose the best fish for your health.

One Small Change

Breathing Technique for Healthy Travel

Can you use breathing to boost your immune system? Contributing writer Joe Kita experiments at 30,000 feet.

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Is Your Home Covered in Pesticides?

Wearing running shoes in your home could be tracking in unhealthy pesticides.


Whole Carrots, More Nutrients

A study shows that chopping your carrots could cut their disease-fighting powers.

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A Root Cause of Cancer

New research shows that smoking marijuana damages DNA, which can lead to cancer.


Q&A: Berries for Weight Loss

Find out if exotic berries pack a more powerful punch for weight loss.


American's Health Habits: Worse Than Ever

Surprising health and fitness stats on the state of a nation.

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Why Smoking Chicks Aren't So Hot

A new study shows that smoking cigarettes is even more dangerous for women than it is for men.

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Watch Two Comedies and Call Me in the Morning

Paging Dr. Will Ferrell, a new study finds more health benefits from laughter.

Well at Work

Is Success Making You Sick?

Your mental health may decline as you climb up the corporate ladder, according to a new study.


How Exercise Makes Your Skin Look Healthier

A rosy complexion, thanks to exercise and oxygen-rich blood, can make you more appealing to the opposite sex.


Broccoli: The New Health Crusader

A new study finds that a daily dose of broccoli may help ward off stomach ulcers and five types of cancer.


Boost Brainpower With Sweets

Can eating chocolate make you smarter? A new study shows why the sweet stuff may do exactly that.


Is Your Daily Catch on Drugs?

A new study shows just how many medications find their way into waterways and fresh fish.


The Dangers of Drinking Hot Tea

Take an extra moment to let your tea cool down, advise researchers in a new study.


Caution for Carnivores

A new study links eating too much red and processed meat to a host of diseases.

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America's Scariest Health Fear

A new Harris poll shows that Americans fear developing diabetes but do little to prevent it.


Caffeine Versus Cancer

A new study finds that your daily cup of coffee could help reduce your risk of skin cancer.

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How to Avoid a Return Trip to the Hospital

Think twice about using your cell phone at the hospital.