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Flexibility: A Concern for the Workforce

Iowa State University researchers found that lack of flexibility and other health issues are plaguing workers.

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How Does Stress Impact Your Health?

A new study found that people who said stress impacted their health were twice as likely to suffer from a heart attack.


Study: Skipping Breakfast is Bad for Your Heart

A Harvard University study found that men who skip breakfast may be doing major damage to their heart.

Well at Work

Office Buddies Can Protect Your Health

Making friends at work can have significant health benefits.


75 Percent of the World’s Population Consumes Too Much Salt, Says Study

A new study found that a third of people around the world consume more salt than they need.


How Food Affects Your Immunity

Eat the right foods to boost your immunity, get strong, and stay healthy.


All About Hypertension

Many people suffering from hypertension don't know they have it. Are you one of them? Get the info you need to protect yourself.

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Study: A Stressful Job Increases Heart Attack Risk for Women

Research shows that a stressful job can significantly increase a woman’s heart attack risk.

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60: The Number of Workdays You’ll Miss After a Heart Attack

A heart attack can have devastating effects on individual health and economics for companies.

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Why You May Want to Think Twice About Working Late

A new study found that working late can do major damage to your heart.

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Health News: High Blood Sugar Can Shrink Your Brain

A new study found that people with high blood sugar are more likely to experience brain shrinkage.

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Calling in Sick Can Keep You Safe

New research shows that using your paid sick days is critical for good health.

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The Health Dangers of Working the Graveyard Shift

A new study found that working overnight shifts can raise your risk of suffering from a heart attack.

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1.5 Billion People Don’t Exercise at Least 20 Minutes a Day

A series of new reports found that lack of exercise is a growing problem worldwide.

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Wheezing at Work: Tell Your Boss and Your Doctor

A new analysis by the CDC shows that 1.4 million adults are affected by occupational asthma.

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Lack of Sleep May Increase Stroke Risk

A new study found that not getting enough sleep may increase your risk of suffering a stroke.

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The Healthiest Seats on the Plane

New guidelines from the American College of Chest Physicians explain which seats to choose for your next flight.

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Study: Losing Weight May Decrease Cancer Risk

A new study found that women who lost weight significantly decreased their risk for cancer.


Exercise-Induced Asthma: A Primer

Learn how to exercise and perform well in sports even if you have exercise-induced asthma.

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Health News: Half of All Cancers Are Preventable

A new review article claims that as many as half of all cancers are preventable.