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Eating Out


A Warning on Well-Done Meat

Why you may want to think twice before charring your next steak.


Are Healthy Menus Sabotaging Your Orders?

Fascinating research reveals that more healthy options on a menu can actually lead to unhealthier choices.


Are Pre-Packaged Salads Worth the Convenience?

If pre-packaged salads are your on-the-go food of choice, find out why it might be worth the extra five minutes to hit the salad bar instead.


4 Pre-Wedding Diet Disasters

We've identified the most common pre-wedding nutrition mistakes, so you can eat great and look your best.


7 Foods to Stop Freaking Out About

These foods have been branded as "bad." Find out why it's okay to start eating them again.


Caution for Carnivores

A new study links eating too much red and processed meat to a host of diseases.


Gender Matters When Dieting

Men have it easier than women when it comes to controlling cravings.


How to Recover from a Blown Day of Eating

It’s not the stuff-your-face fests that make us fat. It’s the tailspin that follows. Here’s how to avoid it.

Live Better

6 Ways to Shrink Your Meals

Use these sneaky strategies to eat less when you dine out.

The Performance Life

Adapting to Food Abroad

A little more than a week into our trip to South America, I am struggling to adapt to the team's eating schedule.


Eat Great at the Beach

Prepare for the beach—and avoid the unhealthy snack stands—with this simple checklist of foods for your cooler.

The Performance Life

What to Eat at the Airport

Ciao Gourmet Market is a fresh option for eating on the run or at 15,000 feet.


6 Ways to Take Control of Food

Are these six factors affecting your health?

Live Better

Is Travel Derailing Your Diet?

Strategies to eat great when you travel, plus a checklist for the road to keep your nutrition on track.