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Eating Out


Exercising Pre-Holiday Can Help Fight Effects of Overeating, According to Study

Researchers at the University of Bath found that exercising in the days leading up to the holidays can help fight the negative impact of overeating.


Study: Translating Calories into Walking Distance on Menus Can Curb Calorie Intake

A new study found that including how much exercise it will take to burn calories on a menu can help people cut back on calories.


7 Tips to Order Healthy Indian Food

Use these tips to order a healthier Indian meal tonight.


5 Healthy Airport Meals

Grab one of these healthy meals if you have to eat at the airport.


5 Leisure Activities That Could be Sabotaging Your Diet

Some of your favorite leisure activities go hand-in-hand with unhealthy foods. Use these tips to enjoy your favorite outings without packing on the pounds.


Coming to America: Pizza Vending Machines

The new Let’s Pizza vending machine is expected to make its U.S. debut by the end of the year.


Poll: Most Americans in Favor of Calorie Labeling

A new poll found that a majority of Americans are in favor of including calorie labels on foods sold at supermarkets and movie theaters.


9 Worst Foods at the Salad Bar

These salad bar staples can sabotage an otherwise healthy diet. Learn how to avoid them.


How to Avoid Overeating in Stressful Social Situations

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University found that people pleasers tend to overeat when eating with others.


Spotted: Banana Vending Machine in Tokyo

A fruit-dispensing vending machine has arrived in Japan.


This Just In: Patrons Want Smaller Portions

Many restaurant patrons would choose smaller portions if they were offered at their favorite restaurants, according to a new study.


7 Tips for Ordering Healthy Sushi

Heading to your favorite sushi restaurant? Follow these simple tips to choose healthier sushi.


How to Order Healthier Thai Food

Follow these six simple tips to enjoy Thai food without ruining your diet.

Well at Work

What to Eat When Ordering Out at Work

Next time your colleagues order out, use this cheat sheet to find the healthiest fare at popular chain restaurants.

One Small Change

The Verdict on Going Vegan

After a month of eating rice, tofu, cardboard, and mulch, our lab rat has a thing or two to say about the vegan diet.

One Small Change

6 Tasty Vegan Meals

Our vegan-for-a-month spent $200 at one NYC restaurant in his ongoing quest to eat clean, compassionately and, of course, vegan. Find out how one giant tab changed his mindset about vegan diets.


Shop Smarter, Save Money

Strapped for cash? Here are six simple shopping strategies to make sure your healthy food options don't suffer.

One Small Change

Switch to Small Plates

After 30 days of eating with smaller plates, utensils, and even cars, our resident lab rat delivers his verdict.

One Small Change

Is Your Car Making You Fat?

If smaller plates and spoons can encourage weight loss, maybe we should all be driving Smart Cars.

One Small Change

Can You Eat Sensibly at a Buffet?

One hungry man. One room of unlimited food. One paltry 9-inch plate. Find out what happens.