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Energy System Development


The New Science of Cardio

Forget everything you know about traditional cardio work. Energy Systems Development, or ESD, is a more effective way to train your body.

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4 Tips for Tapering Before a Race

Get the most out of your pre-race plan with these tips for tapering before a big race.

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7 Tips to Train for an Obstacle Race

Learn how to integrate your training so you can better prepare for this increasingly popular sport.


Save Reading for Recovery

If you are reading or watching TV, you more than likely aren't getting the most out of your workout.


Increase Cardio Intensity to Maximize Weight Loss

Watch this video featuring metabolic specialist Paul Robbins to learn how to burn more calories and turn up your metabolism.

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adidas miCoach Named One of the Top 5 Free Running Apps by Yahoo! Sports

Athletes’ Performance is proud to support running app recognized by Yahoo! Sports.

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How to Train for an Obstacle Mud Run

Looking to sign up for an obstacle race this year? Check out these four training tips to thrive.

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12 Weeks to Your Fastest 10K

Use this three-month running plan to finish your first 10K or improve your time.


5 Recovery Secrets of Endurance Athletes

Feel refreshed, reduce pain, and avoid burning out by using these simple recovery strategies.


How to Strengthen Your Feet for Barefoot Running

Build stronger feet for barefoot running with these simple moves from physical therapist Sue Falsone.

The Performance Life

3 Life Lessons Learned from Running

Author Martin Dugard shares what he's learned about life from running.

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Your Own Stanley Cup Workout

Even if you never lace up a pair of skates, here’s how training like a hockey player can help you stay fit and healthy.

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4 Easy Ways to Lower Your Marathon Time

Use these tips from performance specialist Darcy Norman to finish your next race faster.


Q&A: Staying in Shape Despite Knee Injury

How to do aerobic workouts when you're sidelined by a knee injury.

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What to Eat and Drink During a Half Marathon

Use this race day fueling strategy from nutritionist Danielle LaFata to keep your energy up and conquer the 13.1. miles.

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Essential Q&As for New Cyclists

Cycling coach Robert Panzera explains his keys to competitive cycling. Use his tips to get up to speed.

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Jumpstart Your Triathlon Training

The best time to start training for a triathlon? Right now. Use these seven tips to get a leg up on the competition.


How to Train for a Stair Climbing Race

Advice from metabolic specialist Paul Robbins on how to prepare for this unique event.

The Performance Life

Best App for Runners

adidas releases miCoach app for iPhone and Blackberry.

One Small Change

The Age-Defying Workout

With the help of a strength coach and physical therapist, contributing writer Joe Kita has a workout plan to stay healthy for the long run.