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Energy System Development


Q&A: Prepare Your Body for Altitude

How to train for an event in the mountains when you don't live there.


An Interval Workout That's Easier on Your Joints

Worried about the strain interval training can put on your joints? Here's how to reap the benefits without the wear and tear.

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Q&A: Will You Burn Out Before Your Big Race?

Focusing too much on a single aspect of your training can set you up to peak too soon.

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5 Training Secrets for Triathletes

Triathlete Jessi Stensland shares her new perspective on racing, motivation, and finding balance in your training.


Q&A: Faster 40-Yard Dash Time

A speedy technique for moving faster on your feet.

The Performance Life

So What Exactly is VO2?

The author undergoes a series of tests to measure his cardiovascular fitness. What he learns can make you a better athlete.

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Q&A: How Can I Lower My Resting Heart Rate?

Learn what a healthy resting heart rate is and how to get yours in the right range.

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Q&A: Can I Run a Marathon?

Achieve your running goals, no matter your current fitness level. Just give yourself enough time to train.


Can Running Help You Succeed in Crunch Time?

Running proves useful not only to your body, but also to your ability to handle stressful situations.

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Q&A: Getting Ready for an Adventure Race

Three keys to prepare your body for any adventure.

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How to Crack a 5-Minute Mile

A simple tweak to your running routine can help you shave time off your race pace and burn more fat.

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Why Your Resting Heart Rate Matters

Your at-rest heart-rate can reveal potential heart problems down the road. This article explains why.

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Beat Your Best Running Time

Looking to increase your RPMs? Try turning up the BPMs on your mp3 player.

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Don't Be a Cardio Casualty

Ramp up your training carefully according to your fitness level.


Improve Your Endurance

If you're a new runner, this training plan will help get you started.


The Metabolism-Boosting Workout

Rev your fat-burning engine with this challenging training session.

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Running Pain Prevention for the Road Warrior

Stop running through nagging pains and injuries. Here's how to avoid the hurt.


How to Calculate Your Maximum Heart Rate

Use this simple formula to train your body's most important muscle: the heart.



The burpee movement works your total body.


Burpees - with Push-up

The burpee with push-up movement will work your entire body.