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What's Better: Farm-Raised or Wild Salmon?

Nutritionist Bob Calvin explains how to choose fish that's safe and healthy.


Q&A: What Foods Can I Eat to Boost My Metabolism?

Use these three simple strategies to keep your metabolism stoked all day.


Q&A: Why is There So Much Hype Around Quinoa?

Our expert nutritionist weighs in on whether this grain is effective or simply trendy.

One Small Change

7 Lessons from 2 Weeks as a Vegan

Just a few weeks into his new diet, author Joe Kita encounters several challenges and advantages of going vegan.

One Small Change

Is Your Car Making You Fat?

If smaller plates and spoons can encourage weight loss, maybe we should all be driving Smart Cars.


Conquer Cravings With Yogurt

Performance nutritionist Simin Levinson explains how to get your snack fix with fewer calories and more nutrients.


Q&A: Is Butter Healthy Yet?

Don't be afraid of all fat. We explain the benefits of real butter.

The Performance Life

New Book: The Brown Fat Revolution

An interesting perspective on dieting and fat from plastic surgeon James Lyons.


The Naked Truth About Pizza

Does eating pizza fit into your clean eating lifestyle? A new pizza company may be able to help you stick to your plan.


How to Track Calories, Fat, Etc., for Foods Without Labels

A useful guide for eating healthy food and still tracking your nutrition facts.


New Documentary Explores the "inGREEDients" in Our Food

Filmmaker David Burton talks about the discoveries that link America's food to illnesses, and how it should affect what you eat.

One Small Change

The Age-Defying Diet

8 ways to eat better today, tomorrow, and for life.

Live Better

Q&A: Lose Weight, Stay Strong

There's no rule that says you have to sacrifice muscle to lose weight. Here's how to look leaner and stronger.


7 Must-Eat Fruits and Veggies for Spring

Boost your health with some of the best in-season favorites in the produce aisle.


Can Fish Make You Smarter?

Swedish scientists have found that eating fish boosts brain power.


10 New Rules of Healthy Eating

Adopt these nutrition habits to look, feel and perform better than ever.


All About Fish Oil

Boost your health and performance with the essential fatty acids in fish.


Choosing the Right Fish Oil

You may not be getting as much of this heart-healthy supplement as you think. Watch this video to learn how to decode confusing labels.


5 Ways to Downsize Your Portions

Can't lose weight? You may be eating (much) more than you think.


Effective Dieting with Nuts

Nuts can be essential fuel for your performance goals.

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