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Online training program with workouts to decrease pain and reduce injury potential.

Training Programs

Decrease Pain/Tightness Training Programs

Alleviate pain and soreness and gain flexibility with this innovative program.


5 Moves to Cool Down After a Workout

Feel better and see more results from your workout with these rejuvenating movements.


5 Stretches to Refresh Your Warmup

Try these dynamic stretches to prepare for a better workout.

Live Better

10-Minute Resolution: Stretch for 5 Minutes Twice a Day

Reap the benefits of flexibility with 10 minutes of stretching each day this week.


Q&A: Why Stretch Mid-Workout?

Learn how to use "complementary exercises" to save time and build strength.

One Small Change

The Better Posture Workout

Simple exercises and lifestyle tips to improve your posture and help you look leaner, stronger and taller.


Q&A: How Do I Improve Hamstring Flexibility?

Use these two movements to lengthen and strengthen this often overlooked muscle.

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