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Finish the Year Strong

Use these tips from author Howard Falco to head into the new year with a stronger mindset than ever.

The Performance Life

Jimmie Johnson’s Keys to Success

NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson shares the secrets he's learned in his ride to a fifth consecutive Sprint Cup Series title.


Hydrate to Improve Your Focus

Core Performance founder Mark Verstegen explains why and how to hydrate.

Play Better

Reaction Time Drill for Goalies

Teach your body and brain to work as a more efficient team with this progression.

One Small Change

Shake Up Your Routine to Keep Your Mind Sharp

After a month of breaking 31 little habits, author Joe Kita discovered simple secrets to a fitter brain.

One Small Change

Is Your Workout on Autopilot?

Two ways to tell if your routine, whether in sport or life, is holding you back.

The Performance Life

The Ultimate Kayaking Challenge

Author Warren Richey explains what it takes to win a race in 19 days.

One Small Change

When Habits Are a Bad Habit

Routine, whether in exercise or everyday life, can dumb us down and even make us old.

One Small Change

Train Your Brain

Can breaking one little habit a day for a month help wake us up and boost brain fitness? Join our resident lab rat as he finds out.

One Small Change

Practice Makes Perfect... Right?

Use these tips to establish an exercise habit and bolster your skills without burning out.

One Small Change

Lessons from a Man Who Hasn’t Missed a Workout in 16 Years

How long have you gone without skipping a workout? Use this guy's tips to stay consistent with your training.


What Will You Achieve Next?

A positive attitude lifted one man to the top of Kilimanjaro. What can it do for you?

Live Better

One Small Resolution

Cut your resolutions down to size to achieve greater success.


Internet Linked to Intellect

Surfing the Web could help keep your brain sharp, according to a new study.

Play Better

5 Tips to Win a Tiebreaker

How to break the tie and claim victory in tennis.


Looking to Lose Weight? Think Smaller

It's tempting to make sweeping life changes, but taking it one step at a time could be more effective in the long run.

The Performance Life

Jen Freemas' Pregame Playlist

Dial in to the competition with this playlist from performance specialist Jen Freemas.

Play Better

How to Gear Up for a Big Match

Try these six tips in the week leading up to a tennis match for extra focus and sharper skills.

Live Better

Breathe Better, Live Better

Is better health and performance as simple as changing your breathing? Find out in this author's 31-day journey.

Play Better

A Better Routine for the Practice Green

Your warm-up on the greens is more important than you think. Here are five ways to make the most of it.

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