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12 Healthy Snacks Around 100 Calories

Snack on one of these healthy, low-calorie snacks when a craving hits.

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Contrary to Theory: Westerners Metabolic Rates are Similar to Hunter-Gatherers

Researchers have found that hunter-gatherers don’t expend more energy than westerners. Here’s how to crank your metabolism into overdrive.


7 Healthy Foods for Spring

Buy the nutritious fruits and veggies on this list to eat healthier this spring.

Well at Work

How to Eat Healthy While Working from Home

5 ways to improve your work-from-home eating habits.


How to Manage Cholesterol

Find out what it is and how to make sure yours is at a healthy level.


7 Tips to Order Healthy Indian Food

Use these tips to order a healthier Indian meal tonight.


Whole Grains 101

Boost energy, maintain stable blood sugar, and get more nutrients in your diet with whole grains.


Sugar: A Primer

This helpful guide to sugar and its artificial substitutes will help you side step the oh so sweet (yet dangerous) stuff.

Well at Work

How Engagement at the Office Correlates to Health

Researchers found that people engaged at work are more likely to lead healthy lifestyles.


Understanding the Glycemic Index

Find out what it is and whether or not it's a tool you can use to improve your health and performance.


Portion Size Strategy: A Hand Comes in Handy

Nutritionist Amanda Carlson-Phillips clears up confusion surrounding portion sizes using a primitive, yet versatile measuring tool.

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10 Simple Resolutions

Make long-lasting health and fitness changes in 2013 with these simple resolutions.

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10 Gifts for a Fit and Healthy Holiday

We’ve put our stamp of approval on these healthy gift ideas from our partners.


25 Best and Worst Foods for Thanksgiving

Use our nutrition ranking of traditional Thanksgiving foods to enjoy a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.


How to Properly Portion Your Thanksgiving Meal

A quick guide to proper portions for your holiday meal.


5 Healthy Airport Meals

Grab one of these healthy meals if you have to eat at the airport.


5 Pumpkin Seed Recipes to Satisfy Your Cravings

How to turn pumpkin seeds into tasty, healthy treats.


7 Surprisingly Healthy Halloween Treats

Indulge in these tasty treats for a healthier Halloween.


Women Who Read Food Labels Weigh Less

A new study found that reading food labels can impact a woman’s weight.


Why You Should Eat Often

Learn how to time your meals and snacks to lose weight, build muscle, and boost energy.

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