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How to Navigate the Farmer's Market

Use these tips to find the best produce and stay on budget when shopping at your local farmer’s market.


What to Buy at the Farmer’s Market This Fall

Stock up on these delicious fruits and vegetables next time you go to the farmer's market to make this your healthiest fall ever.


12 Ancient Grains You May Have Never Tried

Add some of these delicious grains to your diet for a variety of nutrients.


40 Percent of Food in America Being Thrown Away

A new report found that Americans are throwing away nearly half of their food. We explain how to reduce waste and save money.


5 Leisure Activities That Could be Sabotaging Your Diet

Some of your favorite leisure activities go hand-in-hand with unhealthy foods. Use these tips to enjoy your favorite outings without packing on the pounds.


Eat Colorful Foods for Better Health

Eating a variety of colorful food provides vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to nourish your body.


How Color-Coding Food Labels Helps Simplify Healthy Eating

A new study found that using colorful labels (green for healthy, etc.) can help you make healthier food and drink choices.


How to Eat Healthy at Work

With a little planning, you can eat healthier and be more productive at work.


Healthy Snacks for Campers and Hikers

Pack these snacks to make your next camping or hiking trip healthier.


Coming to America: Pizza Vending Machines

The new Let’s Pizza vending machine is expected to make its U.S. debut by the end of the year.


How to Manage Sodium in Your Diet

Learn the truth about salt, what it is, how it works, and how much you need in your diet.


The Perfect Day of Eating at the Office

Use this sample meal plan to create meals that will keep you energized and productive at the office.


22 Foods to Keep You Hydrated

Stay hydrated this summer with these healthy foods.

Well at Work

Study Finds Binge Eaters are Less Productive at Work

A new study found that binge eating impacts employee productivity.


Poll: Most Americans in Favor of Calorie Labeling

A new poll found that a majority of Americans are in favor of including calorie labels on foods sold at supermarkets and movie theaters.


The Most Common Food Challenges for Vegetarians

Tips for overcoming the most common challenges vegetarians face.


Study: Bananas as Workout Fuel

A new study found that bananas may be a good source of fuel during long workouts and races.


The Vegetarian Starter Guide

If you're thinking about switching to a vegetarian diet, use this guide to make the transition smooth and healthy.


Study: Healthy Food Isn’t More Expensive

A new report found that healthy food isn’t more expensive than junk food.


Health News: Home-Cooked Meals May Add Years to Your Life

A new study found that people who cook at home are more likely to live longer.

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