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Foot Pain


Q&A: What's the Best Way to Care for a Blister?

Here's how to treat a blister so you can return to running fast.


How to Strengthen Your Feet for Barefoot Running

Build stronger feet for barefoot running with these simple moves from physical therapist Sue Falsone.

Play Better

How to Avoid Common Basketball Injuries

Use these drills to reduce your risk for five common aches and pains.


Should You Run Barefoot?

An interview with Michael Sandler, creator of RunBare.com and author of the new book Barefoot Running.


The Hurry-Up Guide to Preventing Aches and Pains

Avoid the hurt with these time-saving, injury-prevention tips.


How to Come Back from Turf Toe

Just avoid turf, right? Actually, turf toe is a general name for an injury that can happen other places. Find out why it occurs and what to do about it.


How to Treat Runner's Toe

Runner's toe is not a serious injury, but it can be incredibly painful. Here's what to do about it.


Plantar Fasciitis 101

Runners beware: Plantar fasciitis is a nagging pain that develops on the bottom of your foot. Here's all you need to know to avoid it.


Arch Rolls (Golf Ball)

This movement is an effective release of tension and pain in the foot.


Arch Roll - Golf Ball - Golf

The arch roll is an easy and convenient way to stretch out your foot at the end of a day of golf.


Arch Rolls - Tennis Ball

This movement is an easy massage for your feet that take so much pounding and abuse.