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How to Become a Barefoot Athlete

Use Mark Verstegen's advice to ease your way into barefoot training.


Ruptured Achilles Tendon: What You Need to Know

Learn what to do if you rupture your Achilles tendon.

The Performance Life

adiPure Training Tips from Mark Verstegen

Check out this video to learn about the benefits of training with the new adidas adiPure trainer.

In the News

adidas Unveils Barefoot Training Shoe, Designed with the Help of Mark Verstegen

After two years of design and testing, adidas unveiled its new barefoot training shoe, the adipure Trainer.


Q&A: What's the Best Way to Care for a Blister?

Here's how to treat a blister so you can return to running fast.


How to Strengthen Your Feet for Barefoot Running

Build stronger feet for barefoot running with these simple moves from physical therapist Sue Falsone.


Should You Run Barefoot?

An interview with Michael Sandler, creator of RunBare.com and author of the new book Barefoot Running.


All About Athlete's Foot

Athletes' foot is a fungus that thrives in warm, moist environments. Keeping your feet dry is the number one way to avoid it.


The Complete Guide to Stress Fractures

A tiny crack in your bone, called a stress fracture, can occur anywhere but usually affects the lower leg or feet.


The Hurry-Up Guide to Preventing Aches and Pains

Avoid the hurt with these time-saving, injury-prevention tips.


How to Come Back from Turf Toe

Just avoid turf, right? Actually, turf toe is a general name for an injury that can happen other places. Find out why it occurs and what to do about it.


Plantar Fasciitis 101

Runners beware: Plantar fasciitis is a nagging pain that develops on the bottom of your foot. Here's all you need to know to avoid it.


Mini Band - Straight Leg Lateral Walk - Ankles

This movement will build strength and stability in your glutes.


Arch Rolls (Golf Ball)

This movement is an effective release of tension and pain in the foot.


Intrinsic Towel Crunch

This prehab movement will help with calf pain.


Build Strength with Your Feet

Many people are training with improper footwear that affects movement in the entire body.


Arch Roll - Golf Ball - Golf

The arch roll is an easy and convenient way to stretch out your foot at the end of a day of golf.


Arch Rolls - Tennis Ball

This movement is an easy massage for your feet that take so much pounding and abuse.

Live Better

Ditch Your Flip-Flops

A new study suggests that you should leave your flip-flops at the beach to protect your feet and your performance.


Q&A: Wearing Orthotics

Find out if you would benefit from wearing orthotics.

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