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Core Performance Football DVD


Core Performance Football DVD

Take your high school, collegiate, or professional football career to the next level with this instructional DVD featuring 65 cutting-edge exercise techniques, a 66-page manual, and a 12-week training program.

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The Combine Workout

Employ the same techniques NFL prospects learn at EXOS during Combine training to improve your strength, power, and speed.

Play Better

Injury Prevention Tips for an Extended Season

Congrats! You made it to the playoffs. Now use these tips to keep your body injury free during your extended season.

Play Better

Plyometric Drills to Help You Make the Big Play

Use these plyometric drills to play bigger and better when it really counts.


How to Avoid and Treat a Torn Meniscus

What to do if you tear your meniscus.

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adiPure Training Tips from Mark Verstegen

Check out this video to learn about the benefits of training with the new adidas adiPure trainer.