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One Small Change

4 New Ways to Fit Physical Activity into Your Day

Sneak more fitness into your day with these easy activities.

One Small Change

It’s Time to Redefine Fitness

Use this three-step plan to achieve better fitness for life.

One Small Change

Are You More Active Than Grandma?

Contributing writer Joe Kita, his mother, wife, dog and 10-year-old neighbor are all wearing pedometers. No way Joe registers the least steps, right?


5 Moves You Can Do Anywhere

Use these TRX exercises for a power-boosting, on-the-go workout.

Live Better

5 Ways Tech is Waging War on Your Body

Obsessive texting, tweeting, and talking on the phone can wear down your body and undermine efforts in the gym. Here’s how to fight back.


31 Ways to Refocus Your Workout

After tossing out one piece of fitness-related garbage every day, author Joe Kita was left with a heaping pile of workout wisdom. Find out what he learned.

One Small Change

The Verdict on Fitness Junk

Contributing writer Joe Kita spent a month uncluttering his fitness-related life. Find out what he gained, besides a cleaner garage.

One Small Change

Measure Less, Play More

Author Joe Kita decides it’s time to resist the urge to measure, be entertained, and teched-out. See how it refocuses his fitness.

One Small Change

Fitness Gear You Don't Need

The joy of tossing 6-irons, power gel and an extra small jock.

One Small Change

Throw Out One Thing Every Day

Will throwing out all his fitness junk help writer Joe Kita get in better shape?

Live Better

Healthier, Happier for Cheap

New research shows that spending money on life experiences is better for your well-being than putting down cash for material possessions.

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