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Squats Done Right

The squat is an essential movement in nearly every training program. Problem is, most people do it all wrong.


Rotational Lunge Stretch - Baseball

The best total body stretch for cooling down from your workout, practice or game.


Glute Bridge - with Adduction

This exercise will help develop the muscles of your hip.


Glute Bridge - Adduction - Golf

The glute bridge with Adduction will help develop the muscles of you hip.


Knee Hug Lunge - Baseball

The Knee Hug Lunge can improve your balance, stability, flexibility and technique in acceleration


Glute Bridge - One Leg Medicine Ball - Baseball

The glute bridge one leg medicine ball exercise will decrease lower back injury potential and increase speed.


Knee Hug Lunge - Soccer

The Knee Hug Lunge will improve your stride length and help stretch out the muscles in your glutes and low back


Backward Lunge + Twist - Soccer

The backward lunge and twist stretches out all the muscles necessary for speed


Mini Band Walks - Forward - Golf

This exercise can help decrease the lateral slide in your swing.


Backward Lunge + Twist - Golf

The backward lunge and twist stretch can help avoid the lower back pain golf sometimes brings on


Bridge to Curl - Physioball Golf

The physioball bridge to leg curl will develop the muscles on the back side of your legs


Forward Lunge Forearm to Instep - Golf

If you only do one thing before a round, the forward lunge forearm to instep should be it.


Mini Band Walks - Lateral Straight Leg - Golf

This exercise will develop the muscles on the outside of your hips helping you to stabilize the lower half of your swing.


Reverse Lunge - with Twist

The Backwards Lunge with a Twist is great to get rid of hip flexor tightness and start to open up your hips to improve your speed.


Knee Hug (Moving) - Endurance

This movement is a great way to build strength, stability, mobility and work on running mechanics


Knee Hug (In Place) - Endurance

This movement is a great way to improve to mobility and stability in your running stride


Glute Bridge - 1 Leg - Baseball

This movement will decrease your potential for lower back injuries and improve your speed


Squat - Single Leg Balance

The Single Leg Balance Squat will work your glutes, quads and hamstring


Mini Band Squat

This mini band exercise can help reduce aches and pains and improve your squatting mechanics.


Mini Band - External Rotation

This exercise works your hips and glutes.

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