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One Small Change

A Month of Giving

Writer Joe Kita has decided to give a chunk of his salary to complete strangers. Find out why.

One Small Change

Last Call: Lessons from a Month Without Alcohol

After cutting back on booze for 30 days, writer Joe Kita discovered seven lessons to live a healthier life.


Looking to Lose Weight? Think Smaller

It's tempting to make sweeping life changes, but taking it one step at a time could be more effective in the long run.


Q&A: Workouts Versus Programs: What's the Difference?

A primer on Core Performance workouts and training programs.

Success Stories

Time-Saving Training Plan

A long time triathlete, Fred Rzymek needed a way to reclaim his performance with little time to train.

Success Stories

Getting Back to My “Drivers License Weight”

The challenges and successes of a busy road warrior looking to lose weight and run faster.

Live Better

The Art (and Science) of Healthy Aging

Follow writer Joe Kita as he learns how to be healthier and happier as he ages.

One Small Change

The Age-Defying Mindset

Marathoner Amby Burfoot shares six keys for developing a winning attitude for the ages.

One Small Change

50 Goals to Feel Younger, Healthier

As contributing writer Joe Kita prepares for the big Five-Oh, he shares his goals to make himself healthier and happier.


Tony Stewart on Taking Charge

NASCAR driver Tony Stewart shares his tips for making the jump from employee to owner.

The Performance Life

Secrets of Strength and Patience from Jim Rice

Former Red Sox great Jim Rice talks about what it's been like waiting for his turn to enter the Hall of Fame.


Boost Brainpower at Any Age

How to stay enthusiastic, positive, and more engaged in everything you do.

Live Better

Q&A: Lose Weight, Stay Strong

There's no rule that says you have to sacrifice muscle to lose weight. Here's how to look leaner and stronger.

One Small Change

The Verdict on Staying Hydrated

After drinking his own weight in water, author Joe Kita is finally fully hydrated. Find out if it was worth it.

Success Stories

Conquering Kilimanjaro

Find out how one couple endured a seven-day trek to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Live Better

Q&A: Troubleshooting a Weight Loss Plateau

Three reasons you might hit a wall in your weight loss efforts, and how to start burning fat again.


How to Train on a Deadline

Trying to look and perform your best for a specific date? Your recovery habits can make all the difference.

Play Better

Jesse Litsch’s Rise through the Ranks

The Toronto Blue Jay’s ace shows why you should keep chasing your goals, no matter how far away they appear.

Live Better

Build a Better Home Gym

No health club membership? Here's how to use a few versatile training tools to improve your fitness and performance.

Play Better

NFL Combine Secret # 5: Perform Under Pressure

Think you know pressure? NFL hopefuls offer up tips on how they deal with the biggest test of their careers.

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