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Play Better

NFL Combine Secret # 2: Look Leaner in 6 Weeks

The second installment of our NFL Combine series focuses on pro strategies to boost your metabolism fast.


Gender Matters When Dieting

Men have it easier than women when it comes to controlling cravings.

One Small Change

New Blog: One Small Change

In his first blog post, writer Joe Kita explains why small change works better than broad, sweeping challenges.


How to Set Achievable Goals

Not hitting your stride? Use these goal setting strategies to find success fast.


Core Values

Identify what truly matters in your life to reach your fitness goals and your life goals.


Map Out Your Meals

Figure out what to eat for the week on each weekend to reduce your risk of eating junk just because it's convenient.

The Performance Life

Tiki Barber's New Workout Plan

The former Pro Bowl running back on media life, economic opportunities, and his new workout.

The Performance Life

Coping With a Stress Fracture

Not paying attention to regeneration while running long distances has backfired big time.

The Performance Life

My New Outlook

No longer playing soccer, I've decided to pursue a lifelong dream...

In the News

Sue Falsone Makes History

Sue Falsone becomes the first-ever female physical therapist for a major league ball club.

The Performance Life

Moving on to New Challenges

Tobias Resch takes on a new challenge: Life without soccer...

Live Better

Life Lessons from Paul Newman

Paul Newman leaves a lasting legacy as a role model for performance living.


How to Stop Procrastinating

The first step in overcoming procrastination: find out now.

Play Better

Let Your Game Motivate You

Add distance to your drive and improve your health at the same time.


Win With the Right Attitude

The Tampa Bay Rays have a mantra for playing better—and it seems to be working.

The Performance Life

Celebrate Your Victories

A message from Mark Verstegen on what it feels like to train national soccer teams.

Live Better

4 Steps to a Healthier You

You've made the choice, now get the tools.


Start Eating Better Today

Stop putting off to tomorrow what you can start achieving today.


Are You Wasting Your Time in the Gym?

Six ways to turn your workout upside down and get better results.


The 5 Stages of a Healthy Diet

Improve your eating habits and change your life in five manageable steps.

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