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Headache for Runners

Running when the air is filled with higher levels of pollutants may cause headaches, according to a recent study.


4 Health-Boosting Teas to Drink Right Now

Brewing a few cups of tea a day could help improve your health. We explain which teas are best.

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Is Sitting a Death Sentence?

Sitting for hours every day can lead to poor health even if you exercise, according to studies.

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7 Everyday Tasks Made Easy

Perform better and avoid injury (and embarrassment) with this guide to replacing water coolers, opening stubborn jars and more.

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The Fiber Forum: You Ask, We Answer

Four common questions about fiber, answered.

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Fibbing About Fiber

Contributing writer Joe Kita reports on troubling research that shows some food companies stretch the truth about the fiber in their foods.

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Tis' the Season for Cocoa, Colds, and...Coronaries

Shoveling snow in frigid weather can increase the risk of a heart attack for some folks.


The 10 Best iPhone Nutrition Apps

Your iPhone can help you eat healthier, lose fat, and perform great. Here’s how.

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Protect Skin From Winter Rays

A cloudy winter day doesn't mean you should skip out on sunscreen, according to experts.


Sleepy Weekends, Thinner Kids

Researchers say letting your kids sleep in on weekends may help them avoid unhealthy weight gain.


Conquer Cravings With Yogurt

Performance nutritionist Simin Levinson explains how to get your snack fix with fewer calories and more nutrients.

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One Small Resolution

Cut your resolutions down to size to achieve greater success.


The Best and Worst Holiday Cocktails

Holiday drinks can have a major impact on how you look and feel heading into the New Year. Find out which cocktails are the healthiest (and unhealthiest).

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The Altruistic Workout

Feel better and live longer with a revolutionary approach for taking care of your ticker.

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Core Performance Center in Hollywood Exec's Gift Guide

Iron Man executive producer Ari Arad includes Core Performance Center in his holiday gift guide.


8 Healthy Holiday Treats

Serve up healthier sweets this holiday season.


The Costco Diet?

In this excerpt from the new book Core Performance Women, Mark Verstegen and Pete Williams explain how to simplify your nutrition planning with just 13 foods.

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Video Game Injuries?

A recent study shows that too much video gaming can cause joint pain.

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Is Your Company Well?

Dallas airport is helping to improve the health of its employees.


Best Nutrition Tips of the Year

We’ve rounded up the most helpful nutrition tips from the past year.

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Study: Downing Diet Soda May Increase Snacking

A new study from Johns Hopkins University links diet soda with overeating.

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America: A Nation of Couch Potatoes

A new study from the University of Alabama found that the average person is getting less than two minutes of rigorous exercise a day.


5 Tips to Simplify Your Nutrition

Simplify your nutrition-related tasks with these tips.

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15 Healthy Resolutions for the Workplace

Try one of these work-friendly resolutions to make your office a healthier place.


Exercising Pre-Holiday Can Help Fight Effects of Overeating, According to Study

Researchers at the University of Bath found that exercising in the days leading up to the holidays can help fight the negative impact of overeating.