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7 Fruits and Vegetables to Eat Right Now

Don’t let the fall season pass you by without indulging in some of these in-season favorites.


Tis the Season to...Drink Less?

Our writer decided to cut back on booze for a month. Should you join him?


Internet Linked to Intellect

Surfing the Web could help keep your brain sharp, according to a new study.


To Cut Calories, Simplify Your Coffee

Your fancy morning latte could be sabotaging your weight loss efforts and damaging your attempts at a healthier diet.

One Small Change

A Month of Giving

Writer Joe Kita has decided to give a chunk of his salary to complete strangers. Find out why.


Q&A: Is Pasta Off-Limits if You're Trying to Lose Weight?

How to drop pounds without giving up carbs.


7 Healthy Side Dishes for Thanksgiving

Prepare a healthier Thanksgiving dinner with one (or all) of these seven tasty side dishes.


9 Weight Loss Mistakes

Could your attempts at weight loss be hurting your health?

Live Better

Strong Thighs, Healthy Knees

A new study found that strong thighs can decrease the likelihood of painful knee arthritis in women.

Live Better

Minimize Stroke with Exercise

A recent study shows that people who are more physically active bounce back better after a stroke.


7 Healthy Crock-Pot Recipes

Come home from work to one of these tasty slow cooker meals.

One Small Change

A Strange Connection Between Exercise and Alcohol

Could beer somehow be good for your biceps? Writer Joe Kita explores fascinating research on the effects of booze on our bodies.

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Extensive Physicals Save Young Athletes' Lives

New research shows that in-depth physicals can help spot serious heart problems in young athletes.


Sugar's Scary Side Effects

Taking in way too much sugar can send your blood pressure soaring, according to a recent study.


6 Healthy Tailgate Recipes

Your pre-game party doesn't have to be an unhealthy food fest. Here's what to eat at your tailgate party.

In the News

New Core Performance Book for Women Coming Soon!

Core Performance founder Mark Verstegen and noted author Pete Williams have written a new book specifically for women.

The Performance Life

New Book: The Brown Fat Revolution

An interesting perspective on dieting and fat from plastic surgeon James Lyons.

One Small Change

Are We Drinking Too Much?

Follow along (or join with) as writer Joe Kita begins his newest health-boosting experiment: drinking less alcohol.


Small Steps to Big Change

Stuck behind a desk all day, contributing writer Joe Kita finds strategies to avoid falling into a sedentary lifestyle.


A Drink a Day Won't Keep the Doctor Away

A new study shows that cutting back on beer and liquor can help you maintain good health.

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Study: Downing Diet Soda May Increase Snacking

A new study from Johns Hopkins University links diet soda with overeating.

Live Better

America: A Nation of Couch Potatoes

A new study from the University of Alabama found that the average person is getting less than two minutes of rigorous exercise a day.


5 Tips to Simplify Your Nutrition

Simplify your nutrition-related tasks with these tips.

Well at Work

15 Healthy Resolutions for the Workplace

Try one of these work-friendly resolutions to make your office a healthier place.


Exercising Pre-Holiday Can Help Fight Effects of Overeating, According to Study

Researchers at the University of Bath found that exercising in the days leading up to the holidays can help fight the negative impact of overeating.