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10 Under-the-Radar Power Foods

Each item on this list packs a punch of beneficial nutrients and unique flavor.


75 Percent of the World’s Population Consumes Too Much Salt, Says Study

A new study found that a third of people around the world consume more salt than they need.

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The Fallout from Job Burnout

An Israeli study found that work burnout can increase your risk of heart disease by as much as 79 percent.


How to Build a Healthy Pizza

Use this step-by-step guide to build a healthier pizza.


Save Reading for Recovery

If you are reading or watching TV, you more than likely aren't getting the most out of your workout.


Study Says: Eat Fish, Live Longer

A new study found that eating fish can add more than two years to your life.


Time Crunched? Spread Out Your Workout

Performance specialist Craig Friedman says breaking up your training into small blocks of time is better than not training at all.

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Contrary to Theory: Westerners Metabolic Rates are Similar to Hunter-Gatherers

Researchers have found that hunter-gatherers don’t expend more energy than westerners. Here’s how to crank your metabolism into overdrive.


Think About What You Drink

In this video, nutritionist Amanda Carlson-Phillips explains how hydration is the easiest way to improve your health, energy, and nutrition.

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Study: Sustainable Engagement Improves Employee Wellbeing and Company Success

A study found that sustainable engagement is the key to improving employee health.


7 Healthy Foods for Spring

Buy the nutritious fruits and veggies on this list to eat healthier this spring.

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High Stress: It’s Like Smoking Five Cigarettes Per Day, Says Researcher

How you handle deadlines can predict your heart health. Use these tips to manage stress better.

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How to Eat Healthy While Working from Home

5 ways to improve your work-from-home eating habits.


7 Tips to Order Healthy Indian Food

Use these tips to order a healthier Indian meal tonight.

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Corporate Wellness: Spreading Worldwide and Facing Cultural Challenges

A new report found that while corporate wellness programs are gaining popularity internationally, cultural traditions and laws bring new challenges.

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How Engagement at the Office Correlates to Health

Researchers found that people engaged at work are more likely to lead healthy lifestyles.


The Number One Thing You Can Do to Feel Better

This video featuring performance specialist Craig Friedman explains a simple way to see big performance gains.

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Study: A Stressful Job Increases Heart Attack Risk for Women

Research shows that a stressful job can significantly increase a woman’s heart attack risk.


Increase Cardio Intensity to Maximize Weight Loss

Watch this video featuring metabolic specialist Paul Robbins to learn how to burn more calories and turn up your metabolism.


Portion Size Strategy: A Hand Comes in Handy

Nutritionist Amanda Carlson-Phillips clears up confusion surrounding portion sizes using a primitive, yet versatile measuring tool.

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Q&A: What are the Healthiest Wines?

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Feeling Uninspired? Take a Walk

When you feel your creativity lacking, taking a walk can help you find inspiration, according to a small study from Stanford University researchers.