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Hip Flexors


Relieve Soreness With Just a Tennis Ball

The common tennis ball is all it takes to help relieve tightness from these three common trouble spots.


Trigger Point - Hip Flexors

Release tension in the muscles in the front of your hips.


Quad/Hip Flexor Stretch - Half Kneeling with Lateral Flexion

Stretch your hips, quads, and torso with this multifaceted move.


Foam Roll - Hip Flexor

Roll away pain and tightness with some self massage.


Hooklying - Marching (Feet Up)

Target the muscles on the front of you hips–your hip flexors–with this move.

Live Better

How to Sit in a Chair

The way you're sitting could be doing major damage to your body. Use these tips to improve your body, sitting down.


Reverse Lunge with Hand Support (TRX)

Stretch your hip flexors, glutes, and groin with this move.


Plank with Alternating Hip Flexion (TRX)

Build balance and stability through your pillar with this exercise.

Play Better

How to Train for Your First Snowshoeing Trip

Get your body ready for this challenging and fun outdoor activity.


Reverse Lunge, Elbow to Instep with Rotation

Improve your flexibility in your hips, hamstrings, lower back, torso, and quads with this move.


Quad / Hip Flexor Stretch - Kneeling

This stretch is a great way to lengthen the muscles in the front part of your thigh.


Hip Flexion > 90° - Standing Isohold

Use this exercise to work your hip flexors.


Lunge - with Lateral Flexion Moving Forward

Prepare your body for exercise with this warm-up movement.


Hip Flexion - Seated Isohold

This movement will work your upper thigh.


Lunge (1 Rep Per Second)

A fast-paced variation on the classic lunge.


Reverse Lunge - with Lateral Flexion Moving

This movement will stretch out your hip flexors, glutes, groin and lateral torso muscles.


The Muscle Cramps Guide

All you need to know to avoid and get rid of painful muscle cramps.


Reverse Lunge - Elbow to Instep

One of the most effective stretches you can do.


Quad/Hip Flexor Stretch - Sidelying AIS - Football

This movement will keep your hips loose after demanding workouts and intense games.


Rotational Lunge Stretch - Football

This movement is one of the best total-body stretches there is.