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5 Healthy Kid-Friendly Recipes

Keep your kids happy and healthy by serving up one of these delicious meals.

One Small Change

Better Posture with…Duct Tape?

Three novel ways to improve your posture and minimize injury risk.

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25 Healthy Gift Ideas Under $25

Find healthy gifts and last-minute stocking stuffers for friends and family with this year’s Core Performance gift guide.

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Healthy Cooking Tips for Couples

Seven strategies to help you and your partner stay fit, full and happy.

One Small Change

Switch to Small Plates

After 30 days of eating with smaller plates, utensils, and even cars, our resident lab rat delivers his verdict.

The Performance Life

What It's Like to Raise a Big Leaguer

Rookie Jason Heyward is off to a speedy start with the Atlanta Braves. We asked his parents what it takes to raise a rising star.

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7 Everyday Tasks Made Easy

Perform better and avoid injury (and embarrassment) with this guide to replacing water coolers, opening stubborn jars and more.

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It’s Better to Give When Not Deceived

Looking to donate your time or money this holiday season? Here are four great resources to help you pick the right cause.

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4 New Ways to Fit Physical Activity into Your Day

Sneak more fitness into your day with these easy activities.

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Is Your Home Covered in Pesticides?

Wearing running shoes in your home could be tracking in unhealthy pesticides.


8 Tips to Host a Healthier BBQ

Try these simple tips to make your summer barbecues better for your body.


31 Ways to Refocus Your Workout

After tossing out one piece of fitness-related garbage every day, author Joe Kita was left with a heaping pile of workout wisdom. Find out what he learned.

One Small Change

The Verdict on Fitness Junk

Contributing writer Joe Kita spent a month uncluttering his fitness-related life. Find out what he gained, besides a cleaner garage.

One Small Change

Measure Less, Play More

Author Joe Kita decides it’s time to resist the urge to measure, be entertained, and teched-out. See how it refocuses his fitness.

One Small Change

Fitness Gear You Don't Need

The joy of tossing 6-irons, power gel and an extra small jock.

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Obstacle Courses Made Easy

Building a fun obstacle course in the backyard is easier than you might think.

One Small Change

Throw Out One Thing Every Day

Will throwing out all his fitness junk help writer Joe Kita get in better shape?

Well at Work

Is Success Making You Sick?

Your mental health may decline as you climb up the corporate ladder, according to a new study.


Napping the Month Away

After taking a nap every day for a month, find out how contributing writer and happy test subject Joe Kita felt when he awoke.

Live Better

Are Video Games Good for You?

Despite all indications to the contrary, playing video games may actually yield a health benefit.

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