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Build a Better Home Gym

No health club membership? Here's how to use a few versatile training tools to improve your fitness and performance.


Are You Making Your Kids Fat?

Your diet affects more than your body. It influences your kids' eating habits and health for life.

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Do You Sexercise?

A new study finds that a healthy sex life lowers your risk of a heart attack and helps reduce mild illnesses.

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Set a Good Example for Children

Stay on top of your children's exercise and eating habits by including them in your exercise program.


The Playground Workout

Use these games to get active with your family.


No Weights? No Problem

Four rules to create your own equipment-free workout. Plus: A sample 15-minute routine.

The Performance Life

Gabby Reece at the Top of Her Game

The busy mom, entrepreneur, and athlete on what it's like training at Santa Monica's all-new Core Performance Center.

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Q&A: No Interest in Sports

Kids learn from what they see more than anything else. Here's how to set an active example.

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