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Well at Work

Health News: Exercise Can Alleviate Work-Life Balance Stress

Researchers found that working out can help ease stress and increase confidence in dealing with work-life balance issues.


5 Tips to Simplify Your Nutrition

Simplify your nutrition-related tasks with these tips.

Live Better

17 Healthy Holiday Gifts for Every Budget

There's a little something for everyone (and every budget) on our holiday list.

Live Better

Study: Calorie Burn from Housework Often Overestimated

A new study found that people often overestimate how many calories they burn from housework.


How to Have a Healthier Halloween

Answers to the most common Halloween-turned-healthy questions.


5 Small Ways to Upgrade Your Cooking Habits

Use these simple tips to cook healthier meals.


Minimize Distractions When You're Eating

Researchers found that people who are distracted while eating consume more calories.


7 Surprisingly Healthy Halloween Treats

Indulge in these tasty treats for a healthier Halloween.

Well at Work

5 Ways to Boost Your Health When Working at Home

Use these simple strategies to improve your health and create a healthier home working environment.

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1.5 Billion People Don’t Exercise at Least 20 Minutes a Day

A series of new reports found that lack of exercise is a growing problem worldwide.

Well at Work

Study: 80 Percent of Employees are Taking Work Home

A new study found that checking emails and answering work-related calls after hours is adding up to extra weeks of work each year.


Health News: Home-Cooked Meals May Add Years to Your Life

A new study found that people who cook at home are more likely to live longer.


5 Oatmeal Alternatives

Try one of these delicious grains in place of traditional oatmeal.


Spring Clean Your Kitchen — and Your Diet

Three steps to clean up your diet and your house.

Well at Work

9 Keys for Working Spouses to Reduce Stress

FSU researchers have found that strong spousal support can make you happier, healthier, and more productive.


Don’t Let a Mean Boss Make You Miserable

New research reveals a simple way to mitigate and manage stress in the workplace.


Q&A: What's the Best Blender?

Make healthy smoothies, soups, and juices with a powerful blender.


Q&A: Is Fresh Fruit Any Healthier Than Frozen Fruit?

We compare the health benefits, cost, and ease of fresh fruit versus frozen fruit.


5 Healthy Kid-Friendly Recipes

Keep your kids happy and healthy by serving up one of these delicious meals.

One Small Change

Better Posture with…Duct Tape?

Three novel ways to improve your posture and minimize injury risk.

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