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Injury Prevention


Foam Roll

A useful training tool for your recovery or regeneration plan, this foam roll comes with a DVD that shows how to use the foam roll to reduce pain and improve flexibility.


Performance Stick

Use the Performance Stick to prepare your muscles for a workout or loosen up after a challenging training session.


Travel Stick

The Travel Stick is a perfect size to stick in your suitcase and use it to prepare your muscles before a workout or generate your muscles after a workout on the road.


TP Starter Set

The TP Starter Set includes the essential building blocks for injury prevention and positive biomechanics.

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Deep Squat to Stand

This stretch will loosen up your ankles and hips, helping to prevent injury.


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Train an often overlooked area with this mini-workout from Core Performance’s founder.


Compartment Syndrome: A Primer

Often mistaken as shin splints, compartment syndrome is a serious injury of the lower legs.


The Complete Guide to Torn Biceps

Learn what a torn biceps is and how to treat it.