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Injury Prevention


Recovery From Exercise

Know when your body needs a break by learning how muscles adapt to training.


Medicine Ball - Rotator Cuff Dribble - Golf

This exercise is designed to help protect your rotator cuff from injury.


Prevent Baseball Injuries

It's not just shoulder injuries that knock baseball players out of the game. Guard against all injuries with a long-term plan.


Sidestep a Hamstring Pull

Don't want to spend time on the sidelines? Then reduce your risk for common hamstring strains by keeping your hip flexors loose and your glutes strong. This video explains why, and how.


Reach, Roll & Lift - Foam Roll Baseball

This stretch will help protect your throwing arm by keeping the muscles of the upper back loose.


Signs You're Training Too Much

Training too hard too often can be counterproductive to your goals. Use these tips to monitor your training and back off at the right times.


Shoulder Stretch - Sidelying AIS - Golf

This stretch will help protect your rotator cuff for your golf game.


Y T W & L - Standing - Baseball

This exercise can help safeguard your body from shoulder injuries.


Forearm Pronation/Supination - Baseball

This exercise helps to decrease the common elbow injuries associated with baseball


Hurdle Hop - Linear Stabilization - Baseball

Hurdle Hops can strengthen and reduce injury potential for your ankles, knees and hips


Backward Lunge + Twist - Baseball

The backward lunge and twist will increase hip rotation and reduce the possibility of injury


AIS Quad/Hip Flexor Stretch Sidelying - Baseball

This stretch will help you open up the muscles in the front of your hips, increasing speed and reducing injury potential.


Opposites - Physioball - Golf

This exercise will help protect your back from injury by developing your rotary stability


W - Physioball - Golf

Physioball W's will strengthen the upper and lower back.


Physioball - W - Golf

This exercise will strengthen the external rotators in your shoulder


W's - Bent Over

The standing W will work the muscles of the external rotator of the shoulder


Y's - Bent Over

This movement is will help reduce your potential for shoulder injury.


Sidelying Shoulder Internal Rotation

This stretch will help protect the shoulder and the rotator cuff


Lying Opposites (Stability Ball)

This movement will help prevent back injury by developing your rotary stability.


Physioball Y & T Arms Extended

Physioball Y and T's will work your shoulder and upper back

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