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Study: Men More Likely to Suffer Knee Ligament Injuries

A new study found that men are more likely to suffer from knee ligament injuries compared to women.


Q&A: Staying in Shape Despite Knee Injury

How to do aerobic workouts when you're sidelined by a knee injury.

Live Better

Strong Thighs, Healthy Knees

A new study found that strong thighs can decrease the likelihood of painful knee arthritis in women.


Q&A: Sore Knee Solution

The one exercise you need to know when you bang your knee.


Squats Done Right

The squat is an essential movement in nearly every training program. Problem is, most people do it all wrong.


Stronger Thighs, Healthier Knees

Sorry, having arthritic knees is no longer an excuse for skipping training sessions.

Play Better

Make Your Return to the Hardwood

Three Q&As to help you get back in the game, whether your body is broken down or just out of shape.

Play Better

Life Lessons from the NFL

Why should you care about football injuries? Simple: To prepare your body to withstand even greater challenges.


Q&A: How to Comeback from Jumper's Knee

Use these moves to return to action fast.


A Better Way To Blast Off

Increase power up to 15 percent with a simple tweak to your jumping form.


The Worst Sports Injury for Female Athletes

Women fall victim to ACL injuries more than five times as often compared to their male counterparts. Are you at risk?


Q&A: Fix for Knee Pain

With the right exercises, you may be able to reduce or eliminate your pain.


Sleeves are Equal to Braces after ACL Surgery

The latest research on the benefits of functional knee braces and neoprene sleeves.

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