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Core Knowledge


Push-up - Physioball - Golf

Push up designed with the physioball to specifically help build strength for your golf game.


Push-up - Physioball Feet Up

This challenging variation on the classic push up will challenge your strength as well as your stability.


Push-up - Plyometric - Football

This movement will help you develop explosive upper body strength.


Push-up - Plyometric Bench

The push up is a basic movement that results in stronger chest, shoulder and arms. See how to have proper form for maximum results.


Push-up - Plyometric Continuous

This movement will help you develop explosive upper body strength.


Push-up to Pike (TRX)

Build strength and stability in your chest, arms, shoulders and torso with this combination move.


Push-up with Hip Flexion (Feet in TRX)

Work your chest, arms, and pillar strength with this stabilizing movement.


Southwestern Chicken Pizza

Give your traditional pizza a makeover with spicy jalapeno peppers, chili peppers, and avocado.


Spinach Pasta

Add a Mediterranean touch to your pasta with a homemade dressing.


The Playground Workout

Use these games to get active with your family.


All About Pectoralis Muscle Strains

What to do if you strain the muscles of your chest.


Plank - with Arm Lift

This movement will build strength and stability in your core.


Plyometrics: A Primer

Plyometrics can build power and teach your body to move more efficiently. Here's a guide.


Portion Sizes 101

How to choose the right amount of food to maintain a healthy diet and lose weight.


What You Need to Know About Pinched Nerves

Learn all about this painful condition and how to treat and avoid it