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Core Knowledge


90-90 Stretch - Football

Starting Position

  • Lying face up on ground with arms out to the side, left knee bent to 90 degrees, and right leg crossed over left
  • Roll over on your left side, pinning a pad between your right knee and the ground


  • Maintaining pressure on the pad and keeping hips still, rotate chest and right arm back to the right, trying to put your back on the ground
  • Hold for two seconds and return to starting position
  • Repeat for prescribed number of repetitions and switch sides

Coaching Keys

  • Keep pressure against roll with knee of top leg
  • Only rotate as far as you can keep your knee down
  • Exhale as you stretch

You Should Feel It

  • Stretching your torso and working your groin

Tags: Movement Preparation, Groin, Torso, Football