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Core Knowledge


90/90 Stretch with Arm Sweep


  • Lie faceup holding a pad or folded towel with one knee bent 90 degrees and the other leg crossed over top.
  • Roll onto the side of your bent leg and pin the pad between your top knee and the ground.
  • Keeping your bottom arm and the pad pinned to the ground, rotate your chest and top arm away, trying to place your back on the ground.
  • Extend the same arm and sweep it along the ground toward your head until it is straight overhead.
  • Sweep your arm down toward your butt.
  • Complete the set on one side before switching legs and repeating with the opposite arm.

Coaching Tip

  • Exhale as you stretch and rotate only as far as you can without separating your knees or lifting them off the ground.

Feel It

  • Stretching your torso, middle back, and upper back.

Tags: Back, Torso, Upper Back, Stretching, Flexibility