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Core Knowledge


Alternating Split Dumbbell to Curl Press

Starting Position

  • Standing holding dumbbells with front foot on stable object about mid-thigh height


  • Push your body weight slightly forward, with your back glute tight
  • Perform a biceps curl so that the dumbbells are at your chest
  • Press your right hand over your head as you lower the left
  • As you lower your right hand, repeat the motion with your left arm so that the dumbbells pass at your torso
  • Repeat for the prescribed number of repetitions, switching the foot on the bench halfway through the set
  • Contract the glute of your back leg to stabilize yourself
  • Switch legs midway through the set


Coaching Keys

  • Maintain perfect posture, with your belly button pulled in and your shoulder blades pulled back and down
  • Do not let your back arch when the weight is pressed overhead

You Should Feel It

  • In your biceps and shoulders, and throughout your pillar

Tags: Shoulder, Power, Dumbbells, Strength, Biceps