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Core Knowledge


Cable Lift - Lateral Half Kneeling

Starting Position

  • Half kneeling position with hips perpendicular to the machine, outside knee down,and inside foot on floor toward machine
  • Holding rope handle with both hands from low cable position


  • Turn shoulders toward the machine, keeping the chest up and stomach tight
  • Pull the handles toward the chest while turning the trunk away from the machine as the hands push up and away
  • Return to starting position and repeat

Coaching Keys

  • Keep your chest up and your back flat
  • Keep your inside elbow up as the handle reverses during the pull, making sure the cable comes underneath your arm
  • Your back should be to the machine at the end of the movement, with your back glute contracted (tight)
  • This exercise combines the familiar movements of an upright row and incline press
  • Lower in the same pattern as you lifted

You Should Feel It

  • Working the hips, torso rotators, upper back, chest, and shoulders

Tags: Cable Machine, Stability, Shoulder, Chest, Torso, Strength