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Core Knowledge


Hang Snatch - Barbell

Starting Position

  • Squatting with feet slightly wider than hip width apart while grasping bar against the shins with a overhand wide grip
  • Back is flat with chest up, shoulder blades squeezed together with arms straight


  • Extend the hips by standing up in a controlled manner, and as the bar clears the knees, drive the hips forward as quickly as possible
  • Immediately follow by shrugging the shoulders upward, keeping your elbows above your hands, allowing the bar to float upward
  • After the bar reaches maximum height, drop your body underneath it, catching the bar above the head in a quarter squat position with fully extended arms
  • Return to start position and repeat for prescribed number of repetitions

Coaching Keys

  • Make sure good posture is maintained throughout the lift
  • Do not begin pull with upper body until hips are fully extended
  • Keep bar close to body during pull
  • Keep elbows above hands during pull
  • The power generated from the movement will cause the feet to leave the ground

You Should Feel It

  • Working the entire body

Tags: Upper Body Pull, Upper Body Push, Power, Lower Body Push, Strength