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Core Knowledge


Lateral Lunge to Overhead Press - 1 Arm Dumbbell (Slide)

Starting Position

  • Stand with your right foot on a Slide holding a dumbbell in your left hand.


  • Bend your left leg, push your butt back, and slide your right leg out to your right.
  • Push through your hips to slide your foot back to center and then press the weight overhead.
  • Lower the weight down, then repeat.
  • Complete all your reps to one side before switching sides and repeating.

Coaching Keys

  • Keep your chest up and place the emphasis on the leg without the valslide under it.

You Should Feel It

  • Working your shoulders and hips and stretching the groin of your straight leg.

Tags: ValSlide, Shoulder, Groin, Dumbbells, Build Muscle, Hip, Strength