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Core Knowledge


Lateral Lunge with Hand Support (TRX)


  • Secure 2 TRX straps together by looping one handle through the other.
  • Stand holding the TRX handles in one hand in front of your body so that the TRX hangs diagonally.
  • Step out to the side and lower your hips to the floor by squatting back and down with the stepping leg, keeping the other leg straight. Hold the TRX in the hand of your non-stepping side for support.
  • Return to the starting position by pushing up with your bent leg.
  • Switch directions and repeat the movement, holding the TRX in your opposite hand.
  • Continue alternating to complete the set.

Coaching Tips

  • Keep your body weight centered over the arch of the squatting side.
  • Keep feet flat and toes pointed straight ahead.
  • Keep your chest up and back flat.

You Should Feel It

  • Working your glutes, hamstrings, and quads and stretching the inner thigh of the straight leg.

Tags: TRX, Groin, Lower Body Push, Glutes, Quadriceps